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One Cause ConsultingOne Cause Consulting’s Philosophy & Values

One Cause Consulting’s Philosophy & Values

We know there are plenty of agencies providing marketing services to nonprofits and mission-driven businesses At One Cause Consulting, we take a different approach. We are not a one-size-fits-all agency, and believe every client seeks positive, measurable results. We believe in working with clients to move their audience into advocacy and action.

One Cause Consulting has a unique philosophy based on the following values:

  • We provide measurable value towards clients, working their particular business/organizational needs;
  • We move our clients towards self-sufficiency and autonomy, providing them with confidence to further engage their mission;
  • We are strong advocates for digital excellence, and will work with smaller organizations on building their digital capacity and literacy;
  • We take a grassroots, community-oriented focus and are work with organizations of any size;
  • We value the principles of collaboration and communication with our clients;
  • We believe that social entrepreneurship, small businesses, and micro enterprises play a critical role in driving economic growth;
  • We believe online and offline engagement helps organizations foster better advocates for brands, missions, and causes;
  • We advocate for open source solutions which enhance our client’s ability to make an impact;
  • We take a straightforward, plain-spoken approach to online tools, encouraging an informed strategic approach over rather than adopting tools “for their own sake”; and
  • We will always advocate activism over “slacktivism” – community building is rarely done solely behind the keyboard, and involves taking active steps towards positive action with a definite impact on the greater community.

Digital access and online communication have made a positive impact on driving social change. Nonprofits, social enterprise, and other mission-driven organizations (like small to medium sized businesses) are challenged through a lack of resources, insight, and flexibility.

One Cause Consulting believes that online marketing and communication can assist these organizations in fostering their mission. Through a smart, strategic approach to digital marketing, One Cause Consulting helps mission-driven organizations build their communities of brand advocates leading to positive business results.

If you want more information, please send us a note via our contact form.